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  • 03 Dec 2015 1:40 PM | Anonymous




    There will be four Director positions for re-election for the 2016-18 term. Candidates are requested to submit their candidacy announcement in an email to to the attention of the ISEA President Shannon Fulton and Secretary Brian Haug.  In the email response please state the candidate’s name, affiliation (if any) and contact information, as well as a statement (up to 100 words) of their candidacy. Please put ISEA Board of Directors Application Statement in the subject line. Electronic submissions of candidacy to will be accepted until 12 PM, local time on December 9, 2015.

  • 01 Dec 2015 1:37 PM | Anonymous

    Just this month, Chicago amended its Solar Zoning Policy to allow the installation of solar on residential garages.  Specifically, the amendment removed the restriction on Accessory Structures in Residential Zoned districts.  This change will allow solar to now be installed on both flat and pitched roof garages in all zoning districts. This is a welcome development for broad swaths of the City zoned exclusively for detached garages.  This change is a great opportunity for homeowners that previously did not find it economical to install solar due to the layout or shading of their home’s roof.  Allowing installation on garages offers additional opportunities to find that perfect location for solar.

    Even for homeowners with existing solar installation, this zoning change provides an opportunity to expand the size of the system, provide additional energy cost savings, and add creative new multi-tasking solar installations.  A PV canopy on top of a detached garage with a flat roof can create shade and protection from the elements while providing a renewable source of electricity for plug-in electric vehicles charging in the garage below. 

  • 10 Nov 2015 1:30 PM | Anonymous

    ***Deadline to submit your property for consideration in the Cook County Community Solar project has been extended to Friday, December 18th***

    Cook County Seeking Rooftops and Land to be Analyzed for Community Solar Project

    On November 2nd, Cook County released a Request of Expression of Interest (REI) seeking information on potential pilot properties that can potentially host a community solar development for the Cook County Community Solar Project. Through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Market Pathways Initiative grant, Cook County, along with other key partners, are working to analyze the potential of community solar in Cook County. Through June 2017, the Cook County Community Solar Project team will conduct an analysis for community solar projects, with a focus on developing plans for 5-7 demonstration projects within Cook County. The grant will fund the analysis associated with the demonstration projects and not the implementation of these projects.


    The REI process will continue until November 30, 2015, with notification of final site selection on June 15, 2016. Final proposals for the selected 5-7 demonstration projects will be released on December 15, 2016.


    If you are interested in learning more or responding to the REI, please visit the Cook County Community Solar Project Site Discovery Portal: Sites can be submitted online, by mail or by fax.

  • 07 Oct 2015 1:24 PM | Anonymous

    SRECTrade hosted and posted a webinar for Round 2 of the IL SPV. If you weren't able to join them live, you can now watch it here!


    Here's the link:



  • 30 Sep 2015 2:31 PM | Anonymous

    WCPT is airing a PSA on the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill--- have you heard it? 

    Listen here: CJB PSA.mp3

  • 30 Sep 2015 10:06 AM | Anonymous

    The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) seeks proposals from Installers that can provide competitive pricing for a direct ownership model using various financing options including, but not limited to, cash and loans, and/or a leasing or power purchase agreement model for residential and commercial PV systems.


    The MREA, in partnership with the City of Urbana, IL, the Environmental Law Policy Center, and the Illinois Green Economy Network, will be organizing a group purchasing program for residential and commercial solar in Champaign County, IL. This effort is supported by funds from a Department of Energy SunShot Initiative grant.


    The RFP, any updates, and more information will be posted here:

    Proposal due date: October 12, 2015

  • 04 Sep 2015 11:33 AM | Anonymous

    Last night's (9/3/2015) webinar is now available to watch on our Regular Procurement page. A link to download the powerpoint slides is also available.

  • 02 Sep 2015 1:20 PM | Anonymous

    Read the following posting for an advertisement of request for proposals to finance, design, construct, install, operate, and maintain new rooftop-mounted photovoltaic generation facilities at Will County Adult Detention Facility and Sunny Hill Nursing Home for Will County.

    Click here for the full RFP.

    Addendum to WIll County RFP.

  • 09 Jul 2015 10:50 AM | Anonymous
    The Illinois Solar Energy Association, in partnership with the City of Naperville, is pleased to announce a request for renewable energy certificates generated from Illinois grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems 10 kW or smaller.

    The time period of usage covered by this solicitation is May 1, 2014 thru April 30, 2015 ONLY.

    ISEA offers the Renewable Energy Certificate Aggregation Program (RECAP) to Illinois solar photovoltaic (PV) system owners, providing them with an opportunity to receive payment for their Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs).
    The aggregated SRECs from RECAP supply the solar portion of the City of Naperville's Renewable Energy Program.  This partnership is the first market example of SREC transactions in Illinois. Prior to the RECAP program implementation, only large energy producers had the ability to sell their SRECs. This program was created in 2008 to provide revenue stream for small PV system owners and to support Illinois distributed generation solar development

    To qualify for RECAP, you must meet the following criteria:
    • Be an active member with ISEA (Individual membership for a residential system, business membership for a commercial system)  Join Now

    • Own and operate an Illinois grid-tied solar photovoltaic system with any utility in Illinois (must be net metered)

    • System size must be 10 kW alternating current (AC) or smaller with a Level 1 or related interconnection

    • Own SRECs and have not otherwise sold or delivered them to another party (No 3rd party SRECs accepted)

    • Ability to monitor solar electricity production on a quarterly basis (1 application per member per year)

    • System must be installed and operational before applying

    All applicants are required to provide proof of system

    RECAP is an annual program and requires a yearly application.  

    Due to feedback received from RECAP applicants, ISEA will NOT be accepting applications in 2015 on a first come first serve basis.  This year each application will be assigned a previously generated randomly generated number per the method used by the Department of commerce and Economic Opportunity for the Solar and Wind Rebate Program applications.

    Application for the RECAP program is a two step process.
    1. Fill out the online Application.  This application is time/date stamped.

    2. Green-e attestation forms will be requested from the applicants in the order that the initial application was received. 
      Please note :RECAP applicants accepted into the 2014-15 program will need to be able to complete all of the information on the Green-e Attestation form and have the required supplemental documents if this is the first time applying.

    Please note: RECAP applicants accepted into the 2014-15 program will need to be able to complete all of the information on the Green-e Attestation form and have the required supplemental documents if this is the first time applying.

    2014-15 SRECs will be purchased for $75. The City of Naperville will purchase 136 MWh of SRECs to fulfill the Naperville Renewable Energy program needs.

    This solicitation is only a proposal and no guarantee of purchase in any form is implied at this time.

    For further information, please visit the RECAP page.

  • 09 Jun 2015 4:55 PM | Anonymous

    Illinois solar supporters:


    Please consider filing public comments in support of the ICC’s proposed net metering amendments.  The public comment period closes on June 22nd.   You do not need to become formal parties to the docket or retain an attorney in order to comment.  All public comments are acceptable.


    Illinois Register notice:

    • See page 6134 for proposed amendments to 83 Ill. Adm. Code Part 465
    • Time, Place and Manner in wh interested persons may comment on this proposed rulemaking: Comments should be filed, by June 22nd, to Elizabeth Rolando, Chief Clerk Illinois Commerce Commission 527 East Capitol Avenue Springfield IL 62701 217/782-7434
    • Please include docket number 15-0273 on all filed comments.
    • Please let us know if you plan to file comments so that we can keep track.

    The amendments cover the following issues:

    • Updated and clarified eligibility and bill credit provisions to reflect current law.
    • Requirement for competitive suppliers to post NEM application forms and procedures on their websites.
    • Provision for electronic application processing.
    • Improved notification procedures for NEM customers that are switching electricity providers and requirement that electric utilities provide interval data to enable accurate NEM billing by competitive suppliers.
    • New language requiring utilities to individually consider “meter aggregation”/virtual net metering applications.


    Here are some suggested talking points for comments:

    • Describe who you are and your interest in clean energy issues in Illinois:
      • Solar business,
      • Clean energy advocate,
      • Concerned citizen, etc
    •  Describe why you believe Illinois should support strong solar/renewable energy policies:
      • Good for jobs/economy,
      • Good for environment,
      • Good for the future of Illinois, etc
    • Describe why net metering is important:
      • Core/fundamental policy to support distributed generation,
      • Simple/fair credit for DG
    • Describe why you support these rules:
      • Clarifies and updates the rules and enhances transparency for the public and for clean energy businesses.
      • Helps facilitate information sharing and interval meter data between utilities and competitive suppliers so net metering customers can be billed accurately and do not fall through the cracks when they switch electric suppliers.  [465.50 subsections (j) and (k) and 465.55] [Consider sharing anecdote of your experience if applicable.]
      • New “meter aggregation” language at 465.90 provides important accountability for utilities to actually perform a full and fair “consideration” of meter aggregation (or “virtual net metering” / shared solar) proposals

    §  Add some discussion of why you think community shared solar is good for Illinois,

    §  Add discussion of the types of projects you may be considering or would consider if Illinois improved its policy in this area,

    §  State why it is important for utilities to provide a case-by-case consideration and written determination in response to community shared solar / virtual net metering proposals.  




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