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Illinois Solar for All REsources

What is Illinois Solar for All?

Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) brings affordable solar energy, more savings, and a brighter tomorrow to families and communities throughout Illinois.

ILSFA is a State of Illinois program designed for income-eligible homeowners, renters, non-profit organizations, and public facilities. Income-eligible participants pay no upfront costs for a solar installation or subscription. Participants will save money on electric bills and take control of their energy future. It’s also good for our environment and your community!

Single-family homeowners who installed solar panels through Illinois Solar for All have saved an average of more than $1000 annually on electric bills! Individual savings will vary.

You may be eligible for ILSFA if your household income is 80% or less of the Area Median Income. Non-profits and public facilities are also eligible but have slightly different criteria. ILSFA uses state and utility funding to help meet renewable energy goals. The program pays incentives to approved solar companies to help expand the benefits of solar energy to more families, organizations, and communities across our state.

How does Illinois Solar for All work?

It’s easy to participate! There are several options you can take:

    • Residential Solar: For single-family homeowners and owners of multi-family residential buildings. A solar company will work with you to install roof- or ground-mounted panels at your property to save on household energy bills.
    • Community Solar: For single-family homeowners, renters, non-profit organizations, and public facilities. Rather than install panels at your property, you subscribe to a solar array within your utility area and earn solar credits on your energy bills.
    • Non-Profit and Public Facilities: Properties that are occupied by a non-profit or owned and occupied by a public entity can install an on-site solar project to save on energy bills.

Check to see if you are eligible using this handy tool!

For the most up-to-date news on Illinois Solar for All, please visit You can find find ILSFA Approved Vendors here.



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