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Community Solar Resources

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is a great way to start using renewable energy without buying panels yourself. Community solar has a large variety of models, but it can work for people who live in multi-family units, are renting, run a community-oriented organization, and many other situations! Watch the Department of Energy's quick video overview of how it works below.

Community Solar Legislation

Community Solar in the RPS
This page provides an overview of how community solar fits into Illinois's Renewable Portfolio Standard after the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA).

Illinois Solar for All
FEJA included specific provisions in order to make solar possible for those of low socioeconomic status by creating the Solar for All program. This page provides an overview of the program as well as other resources.

Resources for Developing a Community Solar Project

Community Solar: Developing Community Solar Projects
This website from the University of Illinois College of Law Library has a lot of information, including an updated list of passed ordinances in cities and counties throughout the state, resources specifically for lawyers, case studies, and more general resources.

Department of Energy's Guide to Community Shared Solar, which details the process for beginning a community solar project

Guide to Land Leases to help land owners understand the opportunities and implications of leasing their property for solar installations.

How Do I Subscribe to Community Solar?

First, ISEA recommends that you use this page from EnergySage to help you compare community solar projects before you choose which to subscribe to.

You may also find SEIA's Residential Consumer Guide to Community Solar useful, which gives background on community solar and key questions to ask before entering an agreement.

Then, you can find a community solar project in your service territory at the Illinois Shines website. 

You can also find active community solar projects on the Citizen's Utility Board website, along with a chart to compare the projects directly.

Remember, the project must be located in the same service territory that you live in! For example, if you live in ComEd territory, you can subscribe to a community solar project located anywhere in ComEd territory, but not one located in Ameren territory.

Community Solar Project Proposal Development

ISEA developed this presentation in June 2017 to assist groups who are interested in establishing Community Solar Projects in their communities. Not all projects will require a full Request For Proposals (RFP) or Request For Information (RFI); this presentation is meant to inform community groups on the aspects of developing a project.

Please feel free to download and share. We ask that the presentation is kept in its entirety. You can download the presentation by clicking here, or clicking the picture above.

Additionally, you can download a presentation on Community Solar Outside ComEd Territory, presented by Michelle Knox of WindSolarUSA on behalf of ISEA by clicking here.

Any questions not answered here? Try ISEA's FAQ on Utility, Community, and Large-Scale Solar!



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