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Solar Energy Industries Association 2016 Data
    •  Compared to 3,483 people in the solar industry in 2015, there were 3,718 in 2016, a 7% increase
    •  Expect that there will be at least another 5% increase in 2017
    •  Illinois is ranked 17th in number of solar jobs nationwide
    •  6% increase in the solar industry’s share of the statewide workforce since 2015
    • 233 solar companies based in Illinois – 10th most in the country
    • 251% increase in solar project development, though slight decrease in installation, manufacturing, and distribution
    • There’s enough solar in Illinois to completely power 10,192 homes!
    •  Most solar in 2016 was focused in Cook County, though there was significant work done in DuPage, Lake, Will, and Sangamon

For additional information about the Illinois solar market, please visit the Solar Energy Industries Association or the Solar Foundation.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Website with statistics and technical data about energy.  Shows where IL energy is derived, locations and names of power plants, and much more.

Illinois Installed Solar by County. December 5, 2015.
Past Data



Illinois State University Center for Renewable Energy


Economic Impact Potential of Solar Photovoltaics in Illinois

Authored by: David Loomis, Jin Jo, and Matt Aldeman


The study seeks to examine jobs and total economic impact of solar installation in Illinois.

  • Within the results it is concluded that about 2 GW of solar installation would provide around 26,000 jobs and 11 GW would provide about 131,000 construction phase jobs.
  • With the addition of 2 GW around 1,200 operation and maintenance jobs would be created.

General information from the report

  • There are three utility scale solar farms in operation in Illinois.
    • 10 MW Exelon City Solar in Chicago. 

    • 20 MW Grand Ridge Solar Farm near Streator.

    • 3 MW Rockford Solar Farm near Chicago-Rockford International Airport.


Technical Potential for Solar Photovoltaics in  Illinois (May 2013)

Authored by: Jin Jo, David Loomis, and Matt Aldeman


The report investigates the optimum installed capacity of Illinois grid connected solar PV systems.

  • It is determined that at the current 6% carve-out is less that what would be needed for 100% of the electricity produced to be utilized.
  • If the optimal level of PV was defined as the point where 100% of electricity generated is utilized the RPS carve-out needs to increase to 7.3%
    • This would meet about 1.8% of Illinois' electric load.
  • If the electricity produced by PV was allowed to be restricted at the same rate which conventional thermal plants use electricity for internal operation at 5.6%, the RPS carve-out could be increased to 29.8%.
    • At this rate solar would produce about 7.5% of Illinois' electric load.

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