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Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP+): Reducing Residential Solar Costs

Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is expected to accelerate solar growth 3 to 5 times faster than previous rates. It is anticipated that Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act will accelerate Illinois growth even further.

While exciting, this rate of growth poses unintended consequences for municipalities, solar businesses, and homeowners. Many building departments are already busy, often doing more with less, resulting in longer permit or inspection approvals. This both delays time to installation and adds to the soft costs of solar.

This is where SolarAPP+, a FREE online permitting tool comes in!

About SolarAPP+

SolarAPP+ automates simple residential solar and storage applications through an advanced online electrical and i-code review platform. For compliant projects, a permit is issued automatically along with an inspection checklist. Non-compliant applications are identified, and corrections can be submitted immediately, saving back and forth corrections. All project revisions are easily processed and tracked, ensuring the current version is available for installers, inspectors, and plan reviewers.

SolarAPP+ integrates with existing AHJ platforms - either online or in-person applications including Accela and EnerGov.

SolarAPP+ Collaborators

Developed in collaboration with building code & safety experts, SolarAPP+ is supported by the US Council of Mayors as an important tool in sustainability planning. Some of the participants include: International Code Council, National Renewable Energy Lab, Underwriters Lab, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, SolSmart, Accela, and EnerGov.

Key benefits:

  • Saves staff time and municipal resources
  • Streamlines and standardizes residential solar applications
  • Applies latest NEC/IBC standards
  • Issues permit instantly if code compliant
  • Informs corrections if not code compliant
  • Creates detailed inspection checklist
  • Tracks project changes for accuracy and clarity
  • Upgrades SolSmart to SolSmart 2.0

SolarAPP+ can support:

  • Residential rooftop solar permits
  • Residential battery storage permits (with or without solar)
  • Residential Electrical panel and service upgrades
  • 2017/2020 NEC & 2018/2021 i-Codes
  • Inspection Checklist
  • State and local license verification
  • New Enhancements coming soon:
    • Residential EV Charger permits
    • New home construction permits for solar & batteries
    • Multi-family solar & batteries
    • All future NEC & i-Codes for each technology

Support for SolarAPP+ in Illinois

The Illinois Solar Energy Association has introduced legislation for the 2023 session, which intends to create a funding source to assist AHJs with implementation costs. Although the SolarAPP+ platform is free to AHJs, these funds will assist with transition costs to integrate SolarAPP+ into permitting processes. The bill will support Illinois clean energy goals including:

    • Accelerate deployment of clean energy technologies
    • Reduce implementation and permitting costs
    • Support AHJs in serving Illinois homeowners going solar

Additional bill details will be available as session advances. 

For more information about SolarAPP+:

To participate in SolarAPP+ in Illinois, contact:

Lisa Albrecht

IL SolarAPP Outreach Coordinator

If you are an Illinois legislator, contact:

Taylor Anderson

ISEA Lobbyist



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