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Tim McEvoy

Tim McEvoy - Des Plaines, IL

System Details and Green Efforts:
My current efforts are in launching a startup with a renewable energy focus.

Personal Story:

I approach renewables, solar, etc from purely an economic perspective, with no mention of the environment or climate change. In 2014 I wrote a research thesis paper for my DePaul University BA called "What impact will switching to renewable energy from fossil-based energy for electricity, utilities and transportation have on the United States economy?" Through that research I made renewable energy the focus of my future business as well as advocacy plans.

I am currently in the Masters program at DePaul and my degree focus area is titled "Applying Social Enterprise Principles to Raise Awareness through Promotion, Education and Advocacy for Renewable Energy Utilization" One of my graduate courses involves consulting a budding entrepreneur on new business ventures. I have convinced her to pursue a solar panel diy kit company. Simply, solar and other renewables are the future and fossil fuels are the past. The problem is that solar and renewables really need to be the present, not the future. I thoroughly believe that renewable energy is the next economic age, aka industrial, information, etc. And just like with computer technology, as adoption increases, technology will increase and costs will dramatically decrease.

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

First tip is to research, and look past the perceptions of cost and viability. There are some great new technology beyond traditional solar panels to harness the sun. There are pv windows and pavement tiles that are more aesthetic than traditional panels. Second, check with your local city government for any regulations that may affect what you want to do. 

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