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Michael McCormick

Michael McCormick - Naperville, IL

System Details and Green Efforts:
We have 20 LG brand 255w Solar PV panels on the back roof of our home. 5.1kw system. Standard single inverter, Solectria PVI 5300, Installed in December of 2012 by WCP Solar of Naperville. Produces about 6,000 kwh per year (6 mwh). This covers about 75% of our annual home use. My inverter output is online and can be viewed at: http://www.solrenview.com/SolrenView/mainFr.php?siteId=2055

Why did you go solar?

I became interested in Solar while in grad school. Shortly after I learned WCP Solar was not far from me in Naperville. I heard about the State Rebate program opening that Fall and I knew I had to go for it. I like solar because I think it is very simple and very rewarding personally. I like the financial return aspects (practically guaranteed) and I also care about the environment. Although my system impact may be small it is important to me to set an example, to be a leader, and to show family and friends that this is not hard to do, it can save you money, and it works!

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

Realize that this is a long term investment for 25-30 years. If you are concerned about finances you must understand the rebates available and by all means **learn what SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) are** and how you can double your return with them. Also realize your roof should be in the best possible shape, with shingles that are new and long lasting as possible. Once installed the systems are practically maintenance free. One of the best decisions I think I have made for our home. I am very proud of our Solar home and happy to share my experience!

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