Kevin McKee

Troy, IL

System Details and Green Efforts:

We have a 5.7 kw PV system on our roof that faces due south. The system uses 240w Solar World PV modules coupled with enphase micro-inverters. The system is grid-tied, which means that there are no batteries and that I turn my meter backwards on a sunny day! I designed, purchased, and installed the system (installation with the help of couple of electricians).

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We own two electric cars. One is an all-electric Ford Focus. The other is a plug-in hybrid Ford C-Max. We also have a solar water heater for space heating. That system uses 6 solar panels mounted on the side of my garage that heat a 300-gallon tank of water. I use the water to operate hydronic baseboard radiators, and plan to install a loop for pre-heating domestic hot water.

Why did you go solar?

We wanted to reduce our use of carbon-based fuel and our impact on the environment. We want to lead by example.

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

Reduce consumption through efficiency efforts before going solar. Hire reputable experts who can demonstrate a track record.

If you choose to do-it-yourself, as I have, be prepared for a lot of up-front planning and studying. Consult with others to learn from their projects and experiences.

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