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Kevin McKee

Kevin McKee - Troy, IL

System Details and Green Efforts:

We have a 5.7 kw PV system on our roof that faces due south. The system uses 240w Solar World PV modules coupled with enphase micro-inverters. The system is grid-tied, which means that there are no batteries and that I turn my meter backwards on a sunny day! I designed, purchased, and installed the system (installation with the help of couple of electricians).

We also have a solar water heater for domestic hot water. That system uses 6 solar panels mounted on the side of my garage that heat a 80-gallon tank of water, and distribute excess heat into baseboard heaters in the basement.

We installed geothermal heating and cooling, in 2018, saving even more on our power bills.

Between the geothermal and the solar thermal installation, we have reduced our propane bills by 80%, paying a little over $200/year.

We own two electric cars. One is an all-electric Ford Focus. The other is a plug-in hybrid Ford C-Max. This drives up our electric power consumption.

Nevertheless, for about 8 months of the year, our electric power bills are less than $15/month, rising in the winter owing to the increased demand on the geothermal heat pump. That means we get about 65% of our electrical needs from our home’s solar installations.

We have subscribed to a community solar project to cover the remaining 35% our electricity needs. That project should be producing power by the spring of 2021.

For more details visit my web site:

Why did you go solar?

We wanted to reduce our use of carbon-based fuel and our impact on the environment. We want to lead by example.

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

Reduce consumption through efficiency efforts before going solar. This will save you expenses on solar power. Hire reputable NABCEP-certified experts who can demonstrate a track record for quality and customer satisfaction.

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