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Carrie Woodruff

Carrie Woodruff - Schaumburg, IL

Personal Story:

I’m a mother of a 12-year-old daughter who suffers from Asthma. I see how it limits her activity and her ability to “just be a kid” on the days when the air quality is especially poor. It has been scientifically proven that air pollution from power plants is one of the major causes of asthma attacks. Improving our air quality is critical. I know my daughter is not alone in her challenges with asthma, in fact roughly 30 percent of childhood asthma is due to environmental exposure, costing the nation an estimated $2 billion per year*. This along with a desire to help improve our environment, to support energy independence for the United States, and drives job creation is what motivates me to do what I can to expand solar energy within Illinois.  

I don’t personally have solar panels installed on my house, but I hope to someday soon!  In the meantime, my promise is to help others better understand the wide range of benefits of solar energy, and how they might Power Their Homes with The Sun!

**”Asthma and Air Polution.”  National Resources Defence Council Website.  1 January 2014. http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/fasthma.asp

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