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Attention: Approved Vendors & Supplier Diversity Reports Coming Due!

07 Jul 2020 3:23 PM | Anonymous

The Illinois Power Agency has communicated information on how to file the first annual Approved Vendor (AV) reports. Please note that this filing, which will be used to verify REC delivery, is required of all AVs by Wednesday, July 15th.  A 90 day cure period is afforded to ensure that all information submitted is correct, but the initial report date is not negotiable.

Please read the IPA announcement here.

In addition, the IPA communicates that all solar companies will be required to report "information related to ongoing program participation, including use of graduates of job training programs and other information related to increasing the diversity of the solar workforce.

The last item above is currently the topic of a stakeholder process; as a result, job training information likely will be collected separately from the rest of the annual report data after the stakeholder comment process concludes.”

Approved Vendors will be reaching out to their designees to collect this important information on the industry’s work to increase diversity in the workforce once this portion of the AV report has been finalized. 



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