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Ensure a Sustainable REC Market in Illinois!

11 Jul 2013 8:10 PM | Anonymous
The City of Naperville's Renewable Energy Program cannot purchase all of SRECs from the current distributed generation projects in Illinois.  In addition, the Naperville program which has been in existence since 2005, is not guaranteed to remain in existence.

The real fix to having a viable distributed generation SREC market in Illinois is to get the state Renewable Portfolio Standard, which was implemented in 2007, working again!

The Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) - a policy that requires electricity retailers to provide a minimum percentage or quantity of their electricity supplies from renewable energy sources - is broken.

Take action to ensure that the Illinois RPS functions as originally intended.  Let your representatives know that you support SB103.

Due to municipal aggregation ComEd and Ameren are over purchased for both electricity and RECs. Consequently the Illinois Power Authority does not plan on procuring any renewable energy until 2018.

The RPS needs to be fixed so the distributed generation and the solar carve outs can be implemented to grow solar development in Illinois.

Take Action!

Take action to ensure that the Illinois RPS functions as originally intended.
Call your legislators today and let them know that you support the RPS fix.
It is easy, takes less than 5 min and you do not have to be a expert, just a constituent who would benefit from the fix.



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