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Updated: 8/30/19

RFP for Solar PV for the City of Carbondale, Illinois

AGE (Affordable Gas + Electric) is the Energy Supply Manager for the City of Carbondale and is acting in a consulting role to assist the city in successfully administering this RFP.  Site Contacts are listed in Exhibit A and should be utilized to schedule site visits and request site-specific information (blueprints, boundary lines, etc).  Please direct all other questions or requests for information to ross.c@agellc.com 


The City of Carbondale is interested in being a leader in solar energy usage and as such, is requesting proposals to install solar energy producing projects that are highly visible to the public and to other businesses.  Interested bidders are requested to submit alternatives with their proposal that include total project cost and estimated energy production of such installations. The City is interested in entertaining any potential solution that achieves their long-term goals of being a regional leader in solar energy production.

The City is seeking proposals from interested firms that are capable of designing, engineering, installing, financing and maintaining solar PV projects at City Hall (utilizing cover on the parking lot and/or a small demonstration array on the building with interior real-time informational kiosk), the Public Safety Center, the Southeast Waste Water Treatment Plant (SEWWTP), the Maintenance and Environmental Services Complex, and/or other city facility sites around town. In the long-term, the City may be interested in developing solar energy for other sites, and results of this RFP may be used for future projects as deemed appropriate by the City. However, for purposes of this RFP, respondents should limit their responses to only these sites.

The City is willing to review various financing and ownership models including outright ownership, a Power Purchase Agreement, a lease, participation in a Community Solar project, or any other structured proposal. Check out an example Power Purchase Agreement here.

The City’s Energy Management Consultant, AGE (Affordable Gas + Electric) will evaluate provider proposals and make recommendations to the City. The evaluation of each proposal will be based on technical criteria and qualifications, reference checks, and other information which will be gathered independently.  The selected provider shall be responsible for compensation of the City’s Energy Management Consultant for the management and oversight of this RFP.  Energy Management Consultant’s Fee shall be calculated at $0.05 per watt of DC nameplate capacity for any Solar PV projects the City enters into a contractual agreement with the selected provider for as a result of this RFP. More about the electrical information can be found here.

Responses shall be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 4, 2019.

Read more about this opportunity here.



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