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Net-metering update

11 Jun 2012 9:54 AM | Deleted user
Last year during the veto session SB 1652, ComEd Smart Grid, passed and included language regarding net metering.  The new net metering language increased eligible system size from the previous 40 kW to 2 MW, but added the caveat of non-competitive customer class in order to qualify for 1:1 kilowatt-hour credit and free net meter installation.

On May 30, 2012, SB 3811, passed both houses and succeeded in adding language to protect current and future renewable energy customers' ability to receive a 1:1 kilowatt-hour credit for their overproduction.  Now all customer classes that were not declared competitive as of July 1, 2011, both residential and 100 kW peak load customers, are eligible for 1:1 kilowatt-hour credit. 

Be assured that if you currently net meter and receive a 1:1 kilowatt-hour credit on your bill, are a residential or 100 kW peak load utility customer, then your net metering arrangement will continue.

New renewable energy customers who are residential or 100 kW peak load utility customers are also eligible for 1:1 kilowatt-hour net metering.

All other customer classes that have been declared competitive are still able to net meter up to a 2 MW size system, but will receive the utilities avoided cost as a credit for over production.

Net metering credits roll over month to month, but are annualized in April or October, depending on your agreement.  At that time any accumulated credits are erased and go to the utility.  An ISEA member and Solar Ambassador recently wrote about this issue, click here to read his blog post.



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