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Fall DG Procurement

11 Sep 2017 2:49 PM | Anonymous

Attention system owners, developers and installers! Be sure to fully review the new Illinois Power Agency (IPA) guidelines and requirements as a few aspects have changed.  Key links are included below but specific questions should be directed toward an aggregator or the IPA for clarification. A detailed calendar of procurement events and deadlines has been posted on the IPA website for reference.

First, the formula for calculating REC quantities has changed. System size is no longer based on DC nameplate ratings but is now determined by the maximum AC inverter rating. Therefore, if  a system utilizes a 5,000 watt inverter the system size is a 5.00kW AC system. The DC panel wattage will not be used.

Second, a more defined list of capacity factors has been published, recognizing that not all technologies are the same.


Fall 2017 Capacity Factors (%) (AC Rating)

Wind (below 25 kW)


Wind (25 – 2,000 kW)


Solar thermal technology

Solar photovoltaic cells and panels (fixed mount)


Solar photovoltaic cells and panels (tracking)


Biodiesel, crops and untreated and unadulterated organic waste biomass, tree waste


Hydropower that does not involve new construction or significant expansion of hydropower dams


Here is the formula for a Fixed PV Panel installation: 

System size kW AC / 1000 * 8760 (hrs in year) * 17 % Efficiency Factor for Fixed Tilt PV (See table above for other technology types) = RECS per year under contract  

Third, although the IPA has always rounded to the nearest integer for contracting purposes, the sequence of when to do so has changed.  Upon completion of the capacity calculation, one must round after calculating a single Year REC quantities before multiplying by the duration of contract, in this case 5 years. 

Finally, the IPA will be seeking fewer RECs than in the Spring 2017 procurement. Like the first round of the 2017 REC procurement, both existing and speculative assets are eligible from a variety of renewable energy resources, provided they are not already under a REC agreement. We recommend reviewing results for the Spring 2017 procurement and/or working with either Carbon Solutions Group or SRECTrade for setting bid prices. 

For additional details including reference materials and a link to the procurement webinar the IPA hosted on September 8th, please reference IPA website.  For further Q&A, please contact ISEA’s preferred aggregators – Carbon Solutions Group and SRECTrade or submit a question to the IPA @ their “Contact Us” page.

Not ready for this round? No worries! The IPA will be publishing the draft of the Long Term Renewable Resources Plan (LTRRP) in late September. ISEA will be hosting a member webinar in October with more information.  Please consider formally joining the ISEA (Business Member or Individual Memberor purchasing Tesla raffle tickets to support our ongoing efforts to advance solar in Illinois!



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