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Publicize your solar jobs!

25 Jan 2011 12:24 PM | Anonymous

How many renewable energy jobs has your business created?  According to a recent blog on Renewable Energy World, publicizing this information may greatly increase awareness and support for renewable energy! 

Many renewable energy opponents vocalize that spending time and money on green energy is not viable in our country’s current economy.  They correlate financially backing renewable energy with destroying jobs. Unfortunately, these individuals do not see that the creation of renewable energy businesses will in turn create numerous jobs! Therefore, publicizing the constant creation of renewable energy jobs will provide legislators and advocates with solid numbers to support renewable energy and display this field as a source of new jobs.

What can you do, as a solar energy business professional to publicize new jobs in your company?  Tor Valenza has great tips in his blog “Psst! Solar Fred Marketing and Advocacy Tip: ‘It's the Jobs.’ (Shh! Don't tell the coal lovers.)”:
• Publicize how solar (and your company) are helping the economy. Did you know that the solar job growth rate is expected to be 26% between August 2010 and August 2011? Work this into blogs and other sales pitches for your company.
• Write a press release and/or blog post every time you hire someone.  You might receive some attention from the local press.
• Publish your job numbers on your web site.  Just like McDonald’s has “Over a billion served” on its signs, add a simple, “Thanks to you, X solar jobs have been created since (years in business)” to your web site “home page,” “about us” or “contact us” page.
• Use social networking to publish job openings and hires. If you’re on social media sites, advertise job openings on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Check out Valenza’s blog for more great tips for your company.

How many solar jobs do you have in your company?  We want to know!  If you are an Illinois solar business, tell us how many filled and available positions are in your company through this brief survey!  We want to be able to pass on hard numbers to other advocates and show that Illinois should invest in solar energy!



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