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ISEA's Legislative Goals Continued

18 Jan 2011 7:30 PM | Anonymous

Thank you to everyone who attended Solar Drinks last Tuesday, Jan. 11th!  With over 40 guests in attendance, the evening provided an opportunity for renewable energy professionals in the Chicago area to meet and share ideas with one another.  A special thank you to Lisa Albrecht and Jeremy Jones for presenting on the evening’s topic, renewable energy policy!  Great discussions ensued over solar installations, upcoming legislation and what we can do.  Remember to mark your calendars for our next Solar Drinks on March 8th at Eastgate Café.  Financing Solar will be the evening’s topic.  Register here for Solar Drinks.

In keeping with the topic of policy, ISEA works with the Environmental Law and Policy Center to create annual legislative goals.  The following are a few of these goals for 2011 (check out our previous blog for other objectives):

1. Creating an Alternative Compliance Payments or other penalty for non-compliance with the Renewable Portfolio Standards (applicable to Alternative Retail Energy Suppliers).  This would ensure that all retail suppliers comply with the RPS requirement that 6% of electric sales (in 2011) come from renewables.  If they do not comply, they will be penalized.

2. Working with PACE financing if the federal nationwide lien position issue is resolved.  While the PACE program is currently at a standstill, this program provides a financing model for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to homes and commercial buildings.  Not familiar with PACE? Take a look at our previous blog, “PACE Program Update” to learn more.

3. Elimination or avoidance of the 2% rate cap on renewable expenditures.  The rate cap was put in place until 2011, at which time the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is to report to the General Assembly if the 2% rate cap "unduly constrains the procurement of cost-effective renewable energy resources."  The ISEA & ELPC believe the rate cap does constrain procurement and recommend it be eliminated.

Want to learn about other renewable energy legislation?  Check out our Policy page.

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