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A Look at ISEA's Legislative Goals

10 Jan 2011 11:39 AM | Anonymous

If you are reading this blog (first of all, thank you for supporting our work and please continue to do so through our Illinois is Ready for Solar campaign!) you most likely have an interest in solar energy. You may work in the renewable energy field or hope to do so with the creation of green jobs. Regardless of your connection to solar energy, do you know the current policies and proposed legislation surrounding renewable energy? Most people do not. We, at the Illinois Solar Energy Association, partner with other organizations to create annual legislative goals. ISEA and the Environmental Law & Policy Center have created the following goals for the 2011 session:

1. Raising the net metering cap to 1-2 MW. This would encourage big box stores to install solar by extending the retail-to-retail rate from the current 40 kW, expanding projects for installers and increasing the amount of solar energy generated. Learn more about net metering in ISEA’s "‘Freeing the Grid’ Grades States on Renewable Energy Policies" blog.
2. Extending the now expired in-state preference for renewables used to meet the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Through 2011, electrical utilities must utilize eligible in-state renewable energy resources. After 2011, equal preference is given to resources in-state and in adjacent states.
3. Creating a solar prioritization such that Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) are procured first to meet the solar RPS. If this is not achieved, wind energy may use all of the funding and hit the current 2% rate cap on all renewable expenditures. This 2% rate cap will be reviewed by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) in 2011, who will report to the General Assembly if it "unduly constrains the procurement of cost-effective renewable energy resources." We will delve more into this issue in an upcoming blog.

These are only half of the legislative goals and three more will be presented in our next blog. Stay tuned and Check out ISEA’s policy page to look at other legislation.

If you are interested in renewable energy policy, be sure to register for Solar Drinks in Chicago on Jan. 11th! Mix and mingle with other professionals interested in renewable energy.

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