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Can Solar Eclipse Fossil Fuel?

22 Sep 2010 9:10 AM | Deleted user
Joliet environmentalists hope to cover all of their home-energy needs with solar panels

It's been an exciting week for Bill and Betty Lorch, having equipped themselves for what is believed to be the first solar-powered house in Joliet.

"He's been running in the house every so often saying, 'The meter's going backward! The meter's going backward!'" Betty said.

...The goal is to generate enough power with the 28 solar panels on their house and garage that the Lorches can cover household energy needs through the course of a year.

Or, as Bill Lorch puts it: "I don't owe ComEd nothin' and they don't owe me nothin'. That's what we're shootin' for." (read full article in Chicago Sun Times)

John Caravette (from left) Shawn Clouser
and Rob Carlson (top) of Earth, Wind and
Solar Energy LLC. install solar panels on the
roof of Bill and Betty Lorch's home in Joliet.

(Michael R. Schmidt/Staff Photographer)



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