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RPS Update Via Lisa Albrecht

19 May 2014 1:12 PM | Anonymous
Via Lisa Albrecht:

If you have not seen it, please read the Crain’s article announcing that the RPS is off the table for this legislative session.  Unfortunately this appears to be true as the legislature has concerns about future Exelon nuclear plant closures.  This is quite frustrating as Exelon has been quoted in the press as not wanting government subsidies and the RPS fix had tremendous support from many commercial, professional, environmental and grassroots organizations across the state as well as both chambers in Springfield. According to the Crain's article, one of the reasons for the closures is the claim that wind subsidies make it impossible for nuclear power to be cost competitive.  It is certainly very disappointing and frustrating but this is not the end.


As the article mentions, there is potential for a solar procurement for 2015 through the RPS program.  Since the IPA has not been able to spend the Renewable Energy Resources Fund (RERF), there is an opportunity to allocate the fund toward a solar-only procurement.  We will share the updates this week as final details and amounts are being worked out.  Specifically we realize all will want to know how this will work as it pertains to existing/new solar projects and the amount of funding which is thought to be between $20million and $72million. It is pretty clear that the RPS will not be able to fund wind projects but we are still determining the possibilities for solar including DG projects.


Hope this provides a little insight and hope into a bleak article.  More details will continue to evolved as this unfolds. 



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