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Policy Committee Co-Chair Lisa Albrecht, Shares Illinois Policy Updates

12 Mar 2014 2:46 PM | Anonymous

Lisa Albrecht, ISEA Policy Committee Co-chair and Renewable Energy Specialist for Solar Service, Inc., 

Quite a lot going on within the world of solar policy at the moment!  Here’s a quick summary but please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.   In order to keep everyone aware and engaged, we are looking at hosting regular webinars and will also communicate via ISEA newsletters and blogs.  Watch your email for dates and schedules!  


As you may know, the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)  requiring 25% of all state energy to come from clean sources by 2025 is broken.  Technical problems with the funding calculations means IL would not have a Renewable Energy Credit (REC’s) program until 2018.  ISEA is the only source of state REC’s currently through the RECAP program and it is closed for the year.  Fixing the RPS will drive more sales, resulting in more clean energy, increased savings, energy independence and more solar JOBS.  A fix is close at hand and we will be heading to Springfield to walk the floors and get support for passage,  Here are a few talking points and links to look up your legislators

DCEO Rebate Extension

State rebates and grants are set to sunset in December 2015. Sounds like a long time but that is tomorrow in legislative years.  We are working with state legislators to expand rebates possibly to 2020 which will help home owners and businesses with the upfront costs and help stimulate the growth needed to continue to push installation prices down.  We are going to need your help so please watch for more information. 

Operation Whoville

Remember the Disney movie “Horton Hears a Who”?  ISEA is launching an awareness campaign designed to let lawmakers and policy makers on all levels know WE ARE HERE!  We are asking all solar installers, industry partners and most importantly – SYSTEM OWNERS – to write, call, visit senators, representatives, mayors, aldermen, city clerks and anyone else you can think of!  Brag about what you've done and get noticed!  We will provide you with pre-written letters to make it easy and links on our website will help you track down contact information!  Please support us with this vital step in growing the industry.  

We know it will take a little work but strongly believe we need to start shouting:  We are Here, We are Here, We are Here!  Please support us with this vital step in growing the industry.

Interconnection Standards

The Environmental Law and Policy Center has filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to update the renewable energy interconnection standards to be in line with FERC standards revised late last year.   This should streamline the application process, particularly for larger projects and eliminate some of the initial uncertainty during feasibility studies. Residential systems might even be able to eliminate redundant disconnects which will save time and money.  For specific language, please refer to the Illinois Interconnection Docket.  Public workshops will be announced soon and we will share those dates.  

    Net Metering Compliance


    Although Illinois law requires all electric supplier to offer net metering, not all of the Alternate Retail Energy Suppliers (ARES) are in compliance.  The ICC has been working on resolution and will be hosting a public workshop for comments on new guidelines and requirements.  We hope you'll be able to attend and we'll let you know as soon as we hear. 



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