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Joseph appell

Joseph Appell - Freeport, IL

System Details:

  • Off-grid PV system with (3) 250w roof mounted panels installed in 2012
  • Midnite Solar Classic 150, 20kWh of Valence-brand Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
  • ExelTech and Xantrex Inverters.
  • Additional Solar Generators of various size and number of panels,
  • Genasun and Votronic MPPT Charge Controllers
  • Valence batteries.

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

The only regret anyone has, who installed any amount of solar, is "Why did I wait so long?" The sooner the better!

Personal Story:

I was into energy efficiency since before I built a 2,500 cu.ft. passive solar room 34 years ago. After retiring, I took courses on Sustainable Energy and NEC690 Standards, and installed my small PV system. First, I was grid-tied, but when there was a power outage, my house was dark like the others. When I found a good deal on used lithium batteries, I decided to take part of my house off-grid. I have also just completed my 10th season of being 100% fossil free on all lawn and gardening; all my tools are charged from several solar generators that I built. Cordless lithium tools include single and dual-stage snow throwers, lawnmower, tiller, chain+pole+circular+reciprocating saws, post hole digger, pressure washer, air compressor, nail gun, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, weed trimmer, and drills. I also have 5 Electric Bikes that are charged off-grid.



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