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Illinois Solar Tour - Southwestern Sites


Steve & Ingrid Heinrich

Site Type: Residential

Tour Type: Video

Link to Video

System: 39 roof-mounted panels, passive solar design, earth tubes

Annual Production: 18MWh

Why I went solar: We designed and built our "forever house" as energy net zero as a long-term investment. Since it is our sole residence, we wanted it not only to be energy self-sufficient, but also comfortable, accessible, and easy to maintain. In the end, our home demonstrates that a house does not require complex systems and exotic technology to achieve energy net zero. Our home has achieved national recognition from ICF Builder Magazine and LOGIX.

Glen Carbon

Chris Krusa

Site Type: Residential

Tour Type: Video

Link to Video

System: 29 roof-mounted panels

Annual Production: 6970kWh

Why I went solar: I am an environmental activist and Executive Committee Member of a local Sierra Club Group. One of the many initiatives this group supports is the MREA Grow Solar Metroeast Program, for which I am also a volunteer advisor. I am also involved with lobby efforts to enact new renewable energy legislation in Illinois. I want to leave the earth a better place for future families, especially children.


Richard Ellerbrake

866 Old Enterprise Farms (Scott Troy Rd)

Site Type: Residential

Tour Type: In-Person & Video

System: 82 ground-mounted panels, 9 solar thermal collectors, geothermal

Annual Production: ~90MWh

Why I went solar: To save the planet, save money, and set an example. Do well by doing good!


Kevin McKee

204 Collinsville Rd

Site Type: Residential

Tour Type: In-Person & Video

Link to Video

System: 24 roof-mounted PV panels, community solar subscription, 6 solar thermal collectors with a 300 gal tank, EVs, geothermal

Annual Production: 7000kWh

Why I went solar: Kevin decided to go solar because he and his family wanted to reduce their use of carbon-based fuel and their impact on the environment. They want to lead by example! Between the systems shown in this video and the geothermal system he also has installed, Kevin has drastically reduced his consumption of fossil fuels, as well as decreased the amount he pays on his electrical bills! You can learn more about Kevin's installation at his website.

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