The Installation Process


Solar PV

  • PV systems are typically mounted to a racking system facing as south as possible. South facing panels insure optimum electricity production in the north hemisphere.
    • On a angled roof the racking system is mounted onto the roof.
    • On a flat roof the racks are not mounted, but weighed down.
  • Metallic coated wires are connected to transport the electricity generated by the panels to the inverter. 
  • The installer will then find a shaded area to mount the inverter to avoid overheating. The solar inverter changes the electricity created by the system into a more compatible format. 
  • A DC disconnect switch and utility meter will typically be close to the inverter.
  • The output of the inverter and the solar system will be connected to the circuit breaker box.
  • The house or building will draw electricity from the circuit breaker box.
  • Any electricity not used by the residence or building will be sent to the local grid.



Solar Thermal

  • Like PV systems, solar thermal systems mounted to face as south as possible.
  • Pipes will be installed to transport the heated fluid from the solar collectors to the hot water storage tank.
  • The hot water storage tank will typically be installed next to the hot water heater.
    • Some building and homeowners may choose to replace their hot water heater with a tankless wall mounted system. This allows for installation of the hot water storage tank in the location of the old water heater.
  • Safety features are installed into the system, these include an anti scald valve which mixes cold water into hot water, pressure and temperature release valves, and thermal expansion tanks. 

For more information on Solar Thermal and Solar PV visit our How Solar Works page.




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