Hiring a Contractor


1) Find an Illinois certified contractor

2) Verify certification

  • In order to install solar within Illinois the contractor must be a Distributed Generation Certified Professional. 

3) Request information on prior work

  • Many contractors will document prior work on their website. If they do not, then ask for this information.
  • Determine the quantity of projects completed in Illinois.

4) Communicate with prior customers of the contractor

  • If possible ask prior customers about there experience with the contractor. 
  • Talking with a customer who has a similar solar system as what has been proposed for your location can be beneficial.

5) Determine who is performing the work

  • It is common for solar installers to subcontract out some or all of the installation.  If this is the case verify the subcontractors certification and experience.

6) Determine the warranty coverage provided by the contractor

  • Each contractor may provide different lengths of warranties for labor and parts included in the system.

7) Determine if the contractor completes the paperwork necessary to receive additional financial funding

  • Some contractors will fill out the paperwork necessary to apply for financial bonuses such as tax breaks and rebates.  Keep this in mind if this service is desired.

For more advice on How to Choose a Qualified Installer, view this page.


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