IPA Workshop: Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, Overview and Adjustable Block Programs

  • 17 May 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 160 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL

Agendas and registration information for the upcoming Illinois Power Agency workshops on implementation of the Renewable Portfolio Standard aspects of Public Act 99-0906 are now available on the Illinois Power Agency website.

Please register for workshops using the registration form.


Attendance may be limited, a call-in number is also available.

Morning: Overview of the Plan This workshop will provide an overview of the new provisions of the Illinois RPS, and how the Illinois Power Agency will address meeting the RPS goals through the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan. The workshop will cover the development process for the Plan and opportunities for future stakeholder input as that process moves forward.

Afternoon: Adjustable Block Programs This workshop will focus on the adjustable block programs for new photovoltaic distributed generation systems. This will include potential approaches for (1) determining block prices, categories and sizes; (2) application procedures; (3) programs terms and conditions; and other issues to be determined.

These workshops will provide an opportunity for stakeholder feedback. In addition, in the weeks following the conclusion of these workshops, the Illinois Power Agency anticipates issuing specific questions that arise from the workshops to stakeholders, providing both workshops attendees and non-attendees with an opportunity to provide more focused, well-researched, and detailed feedback to the Agency on specific key issues

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