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IPA Supplemental Procurement Opportunity

The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) will be purchasing $30 million of solar renewable energy certificates (SRECS) from new or proposed systems.  This purchase is meant to spur new solar development in the state.

In order to participate, solar projects need to be aggregated into the minimum bid size of 500 RECs.  For those who want to participate in the supplemental procurement and do not have the minimum number of RECs to bid, ISEA Preferred Vendors can facilitate the process.

Don't have solar? These procurements can make solar more affordable for both residential and commercial properties. Click here for more information.

How do I participate?

  • Select a company to aggregate, and register with that company
  • Submit application, including all of the necessary documents to the aggregator. Required documents will be specified by the aggregator, and can include letters of intent, signed contracts, net metering applications, local permits, etc.
  • Bid deposits will be collected via the method specified by each aggregation company
  • Each system will submit a Minimum Bid (i.e. offer to sell)

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