The Illinois Solar Energy Association’s Mission is to educate and advocate for the widespread application of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy technologies to the people of Illinois.

ISEA is an active participant in renewable energy policy decisions, ensuring that our membership‘s best interests are represented in the political process that effects renewable energy development in Illinois.

ISEA provides education to Illinois State and Municipal governments on best practices and favorable policies to facilitate the development of local renewable energy.

ISEA Works to Protect the Illinois Solar Industry’s Interests!

 In recent years ISEA has represented and led the Illinois solar industry in the following:

  • Distributed Generation Certification – In 2012, ISEA participated in the Illinois Commerce Commission’s rulemaking docket requiring that only “qualified persons” could connect a photovoltaic array to the grid.  ISEA requested an ICC hearing to allow the industry the opportunity to educate the Commission on how an overly stringent ruling would impeded development and impose unnecessary burdens on the growth of solar energy in Illinois. ISEA was successful in ensuring that there are multiple paths to qualify for this certification.
  • Solar Lobby Days – In 2013 ISEA implemented Solar Lobby Day. This growing annual event provides ISEA members and the public the opportunity to educate legislators on the economic and environmental impact that a robust renewable industry will bring to Illinois.
  • Special and Regular Procurements – in 2014, ISEA represented the industries interests by proving comments and feedback  on the Illinois Commerce Commission dockets to develop two separate procurement plans for the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits from distributed generation solar and other sources in 2015.
  • RPS Fix The current Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires 25% of all state energy to come from clean sources by 2025.  In 2013, ISEA recognized that due to technical problems with the funding calculations, IL would not have a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) program until 2018.  ISEA was at that time the only source for DG RECs to be marketed through the RECAPprogram. ISEA promoted fixing the RPS which would drive solar installation sales, resulting in new clean energy projects, increased savings, energy independence and more solar jobs. 
  • Illinois Clean Jobs Bill (RPS) – In 2015, ISEA supports the recently introduced Clean Jobs Bill to increase the share of power from renewable sources to 35% by 2030 and reduce electricity use in Illinois by 20% by 2025.  Fixing and increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy standards will lead to more jobs across Illinois in the renewable sector.
  • Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Rebate - State rebates and grants are set to expire in December 2015.  ISEA introduce a bill to extend the state rebate program to 2020.  This rebate extension will assist home owners and businesses with the upfront costs for solar.

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