Operation Whoville


Remember the Disney movie “Horton Hears a Who”?  Well some days the solar industry in Illinois feels like the little guys living unnoticed and unheard. It’s time we make some noise


ISEA is officially launching Operation Whoville – an awareness campaign designed to let lawmakers and policy makers on all levels know we are here!  We are reaching out to all solar installers, industry partners and most importantly – SYSTEM OWNERS – to reach out to senators, representatives, mayors, aldermen, city clerks and anyone else you can think of!  We want you to brag about what you’ve installed or are doing with solar in Illinois so they know we are a growing and meaningful industry in Illinois.

And we’ve made it easy for you... 


Click here for pre-written letters you can use as templates. 

We know it will take a little work to send this out but strongly believe we need to start shouting:

We are Here, We are Here, We are Here!

Please support us with this vital step in growing the industry. Make your voice be heard.

Thank you first for the work you've already done by installing solar in Illinois and secondly, for letting decision makers know you did it!

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