Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard Fix Testimonials


Michelle Marley Knox- Lobbying at the Capitol afforded me the opportunity to feel a real participant in the democratic process.  The Senators and  Representatives we approached were open and receptive to the information we provided about the importance of fixing the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).  I was able to convey how this fix helps to ensure future commerce for my business through renewable development funding and helps the state of Illinois to meet its already established goal of 25% of its energy portfolio coming from renewable sources by 2025.  I encourage others to become active participants in this important cause!"  


Shannon Fulton - If you have never experienced this type of event, I encourage you to try it once.  If you go just one time, you will without a doubt want to go back.  Solar Lobby Day offered me my first experience speaking with legislators in their official environment.  Honestly, I was nervous and intimidated at the start, but unnecessarily so.  The environment and the process is open and inviting to shared listening and dialogue.  The day was indeed a fun, educational, and inspiring sport-like event.  We made significant impact by simply placing ourselves in front of our representatives, and we deepened the reach by having team leaders who discussed the RPS fix policy details with the few legislators who were prepared to do so.  Please consider joining us next time or joining another environmental group for their day in Springfield.  It is such a rewarding experience!"


Lesley McCain - Calling my State Senator to talk about my concerns about the barriers to renewable energy development in Illinois was a new experience for me. It quickly became apparent that our representatives want to hear our concerns and actually this is the only way they know what is important to the people that they represent! In hearing from other ISEA members who have reached out to their representatives it is apparent that you do not have to be an expert just someone that wants to educate them on why this issue is important.



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